Perimenopause Symptoms: Overcome Your Joint Pain With Chiropractic Care

If you experience troublesome pain in your hips from perimenopause, contact a chiropractor for care. Perimenopause is the beginning stage of menopause and can create numerous problems, such as pain and weakness in your hip joints.  Because perimenopause symptoms are expected to happen, you may think that there’s nothing you can do about your hip […]

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Bad Boots Can Cause Nail Problems for Veterans

Military service brings with it a long list of problems. From aches and pains to strange conditions from foreign lands, many issue go overlooked, such as the sudden onset of nail fungus. Although it isn’t the absolute worst problem that could befall a military veteran, if you have the chance to take care of it, […]

How To Save Your Hearing From Loud Music

If you are in a band or work as a disc jockey, you are around loud music much more than the average person. Loud sounds can be damaging to your hearing if they are listened to for extended periods at high decibel levels. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your hearing […]

Asthma Triggers And Treatments

If there is one thing that can scare an individual into visiting the doctor, it is having an asthma attack. During an asthma attack, the muscles around  bronchial tubes narrow significantly causing dire shortness of breath. This can be a very scary even and needs to be treated immediately. One of the scary things about […]

Tired Of Drooping Eyebrows? A Forehead Lift Might Be the Solution

If you’re bothered by sagging skin on your forehead, cosmetic surgery may be the solution. A forehead lift helps smooth out furrows across your forehead and between your eyebrows. It also lifts your eyebrows, so your eyes appear more youthful. A forehead lift is a fairly common procedure that offers immediate results. Here’s what you […]

Tips For Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Unlike some other dental procedures, the removal of your wisdom teeth isn’t something that you’ll recover from in a few hours. When your wisdom teeth are removed at a clinic like Campus Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, you may experience symptoms like pain, swelling or dizziness. Following these tips will help you manage your symptoms and […]