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FAQs About Using Testosterone Gel

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Low testosterone can really impact your life. Not only does it lower your libido, but it can lead to muscle loss and low energy levels. Luckily, there are ways to address low testosterone levels. One approach is to use testosterone gel. Here are some questions you may have about these products.

Do you need a prescription?

Yes. Testosterone gels are prescription products in the United States. Luckily, it is not difficult to get a prescription for testosterone gel from your doctor. A simple blood test can reveal whether low testosterone levels are, indeed, the cause of any symptoms you're experiencing. If your levels are low, then your doctor will likely prescribe you the gel. They will recommend a gel in the right strength and dose to suit your needs. You can generally pick up the gel at any pharmacy once you have the prescription in hand.

Where do you apply the gel?

Men sometimes assume they'll apply this gel to their genital region, but that's not generally the case. Usually, you'll be instructed to apply the gel to either your thighs, your abdomen, or in some cases, your upper arm. It is absorbed well into the blood vessels in this area, and it can then be utilized throughout the body. Your doctor will tell you exactly where to apply the gel. Often, they'll give you several spots you can rotate between.

Will you have side effects?

Some people do experience side effects when using testosterone gel. You might have some anxiety, or you might find that you develop acne or blemishes on your skin. Usually, these side effects are not a reason to stop using testosterone gel. If you cut back your dose a little, the side effects should ease up, leaving you to enjoy only the benefits of testosterone gel.

Will the gel rub off on other people?

Usually, you'll be told to apply the gel in areas that other people won't come into contact with. The gel is also absorbed fairly quickly, so not much will linger on your skin. However, you will also need to be careful and wash your hands after applying the gel to avoid spreading it to others. 

Hopefully, the answers to these questions help guide you as you begin using testosterone gel. If you have any other questions about using a product like low testosterone AndroGel, you can either ask your doctor or your pharmacist. They should be quite knowledgeable about these topics.