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How A Virtual UTI Treatment Session Is Conducted

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Outlining the symptoms you are experiencing can help a doctor determine if you are suffering from a urinary tract infection. Instead of leaving your home and being inconvenienced with needing to drive to a doctor's office, you can sign up for a virtual UTI treatment session. An online consultation, lab testing, and a follow-up service may be part of your treatment plan.

Cost Variables And Services

Insurance coverage or personal funds can be used to pay for an online treatment session. A virtual UTI appointment is offered through many small and big medical providers. This type of service usually utilizes a licensed medical practitioner who is employed at a brick-and-mortar medical office. The doctor may treat patients both physically and remotely or may focus solely upon rendering online services.

Services can be scheduled in advance, but may not be mandatory. Since a UTI tends to cause discomfort to a person, an individual who experiences a UTI may be anxious to be treated. An online appointment can be scheduled through a medical provider's business website. The scheduling process will require the submission of basic patient information. 

The Consultation

A video platform will be used during a consulting session with a doctor. You should be equipped to describe your symptoms, including whether you are having difficulty urinating and the degree of pain intensity that you have been experiencing. Your diet and other factors that may have contributed to the onset of a UTI should be shared with the doctor you consult with. If you have been experiencing severe symptoms that have affected your ability to work or remain active, a doctor may prescribe a lab test.

A lab test is often given to confirm a diagnosis. If you are instructed to provide a lab sample, you will need to collect a urine sample that will be sent to a laboratory. Your medical history may influence which type of medication your doctor will prescribe. A series of antibiotics are often used to treat urinary tract infections.

If you are allergic to something or if you have a health condition, your doctor may be apprehensive about prescribing an antibiotic that could trigger negative side effects. They will select the antibiotic that will be the most effective at treating your infection, without you encountering a series of side effects that could be bothersome. A follow-up appointment that is conducted online can usually be performed at a patient's discretion. This will involve a brief online face-to-face chat.