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Just Some Options For Hearing Aids

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Regardless of the cause of your loss of hearing, it is important you admit to the problem and talk with a hearing specialist about getting a hearing aid. Luckily, technology has made big advancements in hearing aids. You have many options for the size, placement, and special features you want in your hearing aid. When you meet with the specialist, talk with them about the following to make sure you get what you need and want.


Generally, you should choose the size of your hearing aid in accordance with the amount of hearing loss you are experiencing. The more loss, the larger the battery needs to be to make the hearing aid effective. If you are experiencing only minor hearing loss, you can go with a very small hearing aid. The hearing specialist will be able to give you specifics on the size that will work best for you.


You can choose the placement of your hearing aid. You may prefer to have one that sits just inside the ear. This one is easy to reach and make adjustments to if necessary. However, many people prefer to have one inside the inner ear or ear canal. These units are basically invisible to others. If you are worried about others seeing the hearing aid, an in-the-canal aid is the best option. There is also a behind-the-ear aid. These aids are positioned behind your ear to collect sound waves and then have a tube that goes into the ear canal, directing the sound there. It is a good option for severe hearing loss.

Special Features

You may choose to have a telephone switch on the hearing aid. This allows you to soften sounds that are not coming from the phone so you can hear who you are talking with better. You may also decide to opt for direct audio input. You can plug a remote phone or speaker directly into the hearing aid so you can hear it the same as using earphones or a headset.

Hearing loss is nothing to be ashamed of. It is better to admit to the problem and wear a hearing aid than it is to not know what people are saying. You will miss out on a lot of information and a lot of life when you can't hear what people are talking about. If you think you may have a problem, make an appointment to have your ears checked and ask about a hearing aid. Your family will be glad to have you back in the loop of things.

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