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The Fundamentals Of Rash Care And Emergency Treatment

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Rashes are one of the most common medical problems that people experience, including both adults and children. Unfortunately, many don't know how to recognize when a rash is just a minor inconvenience versus when it requires an urgent care visit. Understanding the signs that your rash warrants a visit to the urgent care clinic is important. Here's a look at what you need to know.

Are You Experiencing Any Pain?

If the rash is painful, that's typically an indication of a significant allergic reaction. In most cases, that requires medical intervention to moderate the reaction. It's important to address the reaction as soon as possible in case it worsens.

Do You Have A Fever?

Another important factor to consider is whether or not you have a fever. If your temperature is elevated, that is an indication that your rash may be the result of an infection rather than an allergy or exposure to an irritant. 

If you have a fever, no matter how mild, that is a symptom that shouldn't be ignored. You'll need to visit the local urgent care as soon as possible for testing to determine the source of the infection and treat it.

Is The Rash Spreading?

If you develop a rash and that rash starts spreading, that's a sign that the cause of the rash is still present. Usually, that means there's an underlying infection, allergen, or another contaminant that you'll need to address.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if a rash is spreading from just a visual glance. That's why, if you develop any kind of rash, it's beneficial to mark the boundaries of it with a pen or something similar. That way, if the rash spreads beyond those marks, you'll know if it's worsening.

Whether the rash starts out small and spreads beyond the marks you make or the rash covers a large portion of your body, you should seek medical attention right away.

Did You Develop Bruising?

If your rash develops into more than just a rash and starts showing signs of bruising inside that rash, you need to be sure that you seek medical attention immediately. In most cases, symptoms like this are a sign of a vascular problem that must be treated right away. 

Your local urgent care can examine the rash for indications of vascular issues, and may even conduct an x-ray in the process. You may be given emergency treatment at the urgent care and then referred to the local hospital for further care. If you need care for a rash, visit an urgent care clinic, such as Western WI Health, in your area.