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Common Reasons For Neck Pain

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If you are dealing with neck pain, you are not alone. Neck pain is serious, and it is important that you understand the cause of your problem so that you can seek the appropriate treatment to ease your symptoms.

Neck pain stems from several different sources. If you want to learn more about neck pain, these are a few reasons why you might be experiencing it.

Muscle Strains

You may experience muscle strain due to overuse, perhaps because you have kept your neck in the same position for a long period of time. You can also experience strain if you have a lot of tension in your neck, which may come from grinding your teeth. This can also come from poor posture or poor sleeping habits. In addition to neck pain, you may also experience pain in your shoulders and upper back.


Nerve compression, which occurs in the form of herniated disks in some cases, can cause your bones to press down on the nerves in your spine. This can be painful, and you may experience the pain outside of your neck as well. It can shoot through your back and shoulders too.


You could have neck pain because of an injury caused by an auto accident, fall, or another accident. Sports injuries can also cause a lot of neck pain. You can also accidentally injure yourself while exercising. Even doing something like yoga can lead to serious symptoms.

Disease or Health Condition

Health conditions like arthritis and cancer can cause serious neck pain. Tumors and infection can also cause a lot of pain, but treatment can help ease the symptoms. Conditions like osteoporosis can also lead to fractures, for instance.

In some cases, a heart attack can also involve symptoms of neck pain. In this case, neck pain is acute and comes with other symptoms like nausea and shortness of breath. If you experience sudden and intense neck pain, you may need to get emergency medical treatment rather than waiting for a diagnosis from your practitioner.

Issues like meningitis can also cause neck pain, leading to inflammation of the neck in addition to a fever and headache.

Neck Pain Treatment Is Available

You do not have to live with neck pain. Treatment is available, and it can provide you with relief and concrete solutions. Make an appointment with a professional to get an assessment of your neck pain and to learn steps for moving forward with treatment.