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Beyond The Blue Pill: Other ED Treatment Options

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If you have been suffering from erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, then you may figure it's time to start taking the little blue pill that everyone talks about. This prescription ED treatment has give relief to a lot of men, but what if you cannot take it due to a pre-existing condition or a drug interaction? Thankfully, there are some other ED treatment options you can discuss with your doctor.

Testosterone Supplementation

In addition to ED, are you suffering from any other symptoms of low testosterone, such as the following?

  • Hair loss and balding
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Low energy levels
  • Irregular mood swings
  • Trouble with memory

Not every case of ED is linked to low testosterone. But if you also have any of the other symptoms above, it is worth asking your doctor for a blood test to measure your levels of testosterone. If you are deficient in testosterone, supplementing with this hormone can help correct ED along with your other symptoms.


Ginseng is an herb that has a lot of different medical uses, but most of those uses trace back to the idea that it improves circulation. Since ED is often related to issues with circulation and the circulatory system, taking ginseng supplements can help ease your ED symptoms. Make sure you buy the ginseng from a reputable company. Read reviews, and pay attention to the dosing instructions. Sometimes you have to take more than one capsule per day in order to get the necessary amount. Don't expect results overnight; they often take a few weeks to develop.


DHEA is a precursor to testosterone. Your body will convert it to testosterone as needed. It can be a really good choice for men with ED and confirmed low testosterone, but it may also work for ED with normal testosterone levels. There's a chance your testosterone levels are within the normal range, but that raising them just a little will help ease your ED — and DHEA can be a way to do that. Many men with diabetes who cannot safely take little blue pills benefit from taking DHEA supplements. There are even cream forms of DHEA that you can apply to your thighs or buttocks.

The infamous little blue pill is a good treatment for ED, but it is not the only treatment for ED. If you need another option, talk to your doctor about the treatments above.