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What You Should Know Before Choosing IUD Birth Control

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As you begin looking at your options for birth control, you may already start narrowing down the options you do not want. Birth control pills and routine birth control shots may not be something you want to do. This leaves you with a choice of implants or the IUD. Before you settle on an IUD option, there are a few things you should consider.


A key point about the IUD is that this form of birth control has a longer lasting time span that most other options. For example, the birth control pill can move out of your system within a matter of weeks if you have been taking it daily as directed. The key to the pill is that you must take it daily and as directed. The depo shot must be taken monthly. The IUD, once it is in place, lasts for several years. There is nothing to take daily and no shot to get in order for the IUD to remain effective.

Follow-Up Exams

One of the things that many patients do not expect is to have follow-up exams with an IUD placement. The truth is, you will need to have the IUD checked on occasion to ensure placement and the threads of the IUD are intact. These exams can be every month but can become less frequent depending on your doctor. If an issue is found, or if you feel that you may have an issue, contact your doctor immediately. They can check the IUD and make any adjustments necessary.

Removal and Hormones

A key point you need to know about IUD placement deals with early removal. If you choose to have the IUD removed before the normal five year time period is up, consider your hormones. Once the IUD is removed, your hormones will restore themselves quickly. Make sure you are prepared for this event and that you discuss early removal at length with your doctor before making that choice. This will ensure the doctor can place you on hormone therapy if necessary or help you prepare for it in other ways. 

If you believe an IUD is the right option for your birth control needs, contact your OBGYN or family planning clinic. They can schedule an appointment that will consist of an evaluation to make sure you are suitable for the IUD. They will then schedule an appointment for the IUD placement. You can ask any questions you have at that time, including possible health concerns that may be worrying you.

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