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Aging And Memory Loss: How The Two Do Not Have To Be Synonymous

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Getting older comes with more complications for one's health and one's ability to function on a daily basis. However, some of these signs of aging do not have to be synonymous with getting older. One of those supposed signs is memory. Memory difficulties start as early as your late thirties, and continue until you either develop dementia or develop Alzheimer's. Other people do not develop either of these memory conditions, and can actually ward off memory problems for decades. You can do the same, using natural memory supplements. The following supplements come highly recommended. 


This is an extract of a chemical taken from jellyfish. It is thought that excess calcium in the brain contributes to the decline of memory, and that apoaequorin can help with that. The jellyfish extract binds to the extra calcium cells, thereby reducing their effects on the brain. Since the calcium becomes encapsulated and removed, the brain is able to function better than it would without this jellyfish extract. 

Gingko Biloba

Gingko, or gingko biloba, is a single species of tree that is thousands of years old. It has been used in Chinese and Asian medicine to improve blood circulation, which increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain. When the brain has more oxygen and blood flow, it "wakes up," and you have less fogginess and greater clarity. As such, your memory improves because you do not have a fog of fatigue over your brain all the time.   

B Vitamins

B vitamins support neural development and function. They help with focus and with stress, and help renew the connections between the synapses and neurons in your brain. If you combine B vitamins with the other supplements recommended for memory improvement, you can maximize the helpful effects of all of these products as they interact with and support each other inside the body and brain. 

Supplements in Mixed Powder Form

Multiple ingredients that claim to boost brain power are often sold as a powder. You can add a scoop of this powder to your morning coffee or anything else you drink. The supplement is supposed to help you all day. You can try a few to see if any of them have a positive impact on your ability to remember things throughout the course of your day. If you find one that works for you, then you can stick with that one and add others if you like.