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Receive A Diagnosis And Seek Treatment For Chronic Knee Pain

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Osteoarthritis is often referred to as a degenerative joint disorder and is fairly common in elderly individuals. As cartilage that is located on the tips of bones wears down, stiffness, pain, and inflammation can become chronic issues. If you have been dealing with painful knees and have difficulty bending down or walking briskly, your doctor can diagnose your condition and may suggest physical rehabilitation services as a way to cope with the discomfort.

Share Your Personal Account And Receive An X-Ray

Make an appointment with your primary care physician or a rheumatologist to have your knees examined. During your appointment, share the list of symptoms that have been troubling you and describe how your condition has been disruptive each day. The doctor may ask you to perform leg lifts, deep knee bends, or other exercises that require the use of your knees to determine how your range of motion has been affected.

A standard X-ray will probably be taken so that the practitioner can make an accurate diagnosis. During your examination, be honest about the pain intensity that you are experiencing and refrain from bending or moving your legs if the pain in your knees becomes unbearable. 

Regain Mobility And Stop The Progression Of The Disease

If you are diagnosed with osteoarthritis, meeting with a physical therapist will assist with regaining mobility so that the quality of your life is restored considerably.

It is going to take some work on your part and you may not always feel up to performing physical exercises that a therapist recommends, but your symptoms will lessen and the progression of the disease may actually slow down if you put in your best effort and follow the regimen that has been prescribed. The first visit with a therapist may involve discussing in detail how the exercises could improve your flexibility and lessen swelling.

Are you following a healthy diet, and are you at a weight that is deemed suitable for your height and bone structure? These two variables will be assessed, and if you have been overeating or consuming fatty foods or items that contain unnatural ingredients, your performance level could be affected.

A knee brace, topical ointments, and over-the-counter pain relief products can be used to counteract pain. Your therapist may recommend that you perform exercises at home and elevate your legs or use a heating pad for any discomfort or swelling that you experience after completing physical activities.