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Three Things To Assess When You Wear Breast Augmentation Sizers Before Your Surgery

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When you visit a cosmetic surgery clinic for a breast augmentation consultation, you and your surgeon will talk about the breast size that you want. Many clinics use computer software that takes a photo of you and digitally increases the size of your breasts to give you an idea of how you might appear after the procedure. You can play with different options to decide which will suit you best, but you also have the choice of getting sizer pads to take home with you. You can place these pads, which are representative of your desired breast size, in your bra to get a sense of how you'll look and feel with larger breasts. As you wear the sizer pads, here are some things to notice.

How You Move

Keeping in mind that there's a bit of an adjustment period when it comes to increasing the size of your breasts through augmentation surgery, wearing your sizer pads is a perfect opportunity for noticing the size of your breasts as you move. If you're wanting to increase your bust size significantly, you might notice that your breasts seem to get in the way as you're performing everyday tasks. Again, this is something that you might eventually grow accustomed to and adapt, but you might also wish to consider going a little smaller.

How You Feel About Yourself

Many women opt for breast augmentation surgery to improve their self-image. While your sizer pads don't technically give you larger breasts, they do certainly give you the feeling that you've had the procedure. Whether you're looking in the mirror or going about your daily schedule, try to keep in mind how you feel about yourself. In many cases, you'll notice that you have an enhanced degree of self-esteem even without having the procedure done. This can further indicate that breast augmentation is the right procedure for you.

How Others Look At You

While it's best to get breast augmentation surgery for yourself, rather than for others, it can be useful to consider how others look at you while you're wearing your sizer pads. Perhaps you'll get more attention from the opposite sex. This could be something that you like, or it could be something that makes you feel a little awkward. The former scenario can suggest that you've chosen the right size to increase to, while the latter situation might show you that you'll want to get less of a drastic increase.

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