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Boost Your Ability To Lose Weight With This Playground Exercise

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If you enjoyed skipping rope when you were a kid, you might have put down this simple fitness accessory by the time you entered high school. Now that you're an adult, however, it might be the time to pick a rope back up again. Skipping rope is a highly valuable exercise in conjunction with visiting a weight loss clinic for the guidance of a professional if you're determined to lose weight. It possesses many conveniences, namely its minimal cost investment and the ability to perform it at home, and can play a role in the transformation of your body. Here are some reasons to take skipping rope seriously as an exercise for weight loss.

It's A Quick Calorie Burner

Successful weight loss means that you need to burn more calories than you eat and drink. This means that, in addition to cutting back on your calorie intake, it's a good idea to find an exercise that burns calories quickly. Skipping rope can fulfill this requirement. If you weigh 190 pounds, for example, you'll burn about 863 calories jumping rope at a medium pace for one hour. Realistically, you won't be able to skip rope for an hour straight, but the per-minute calorie burn of this exercise is higher than many other forms of cardiovascular exercise. Remember, you don't have to aim for a long workout; try a bunch of two-minute intervals, for example, instead of trying to skip for 30 straight minutes.

Proper Skipping Mechanics

In order to dedicate yourself to skipping rope as you work toward your goal of losing weight, you need to be sure that your mechanics aren't increasing your risk of injury that could slow your progress. Many beginners make the mistake of leaping too high as the skipping rope passes beneath their feet. Not only will this tire you out prematurely, but it will also increase the physical impact of the exercise, which could lead to sore knees. Remember, the skipping rope is just a fraction of an inch thick. Provided you're letting it hit the ground with each turn, you only need to jump an inch or so to have plenty of clearance. This will limit the risk of damage to your joints and allow you to stay on target with your goal of losing weight.

Add Some Twists

Skipping rope can seem a little monotonous, but there are many different ways to make this exercise more appealing. Try skipping in front of the TV to give you something to occupy your mind. You can also try in front of a full-length mirror to watch your mechanics. Add some variations to your workout in the form of jumping on one foot at a time, running on the spot while you skip and more. These will keep you more engaged and less likely to give up on this exercise.