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How To Save Your Hearing From Loud Music

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If you are in a band or work as a disc jockey, you are around loud music much more than the average person. Loud sounds can be damaging to your hearing if they are listened to for extended periods at high decibel levels. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your hearing intact, possibly saving you from hearing loss as a result.

Watch Speaker Positioning

Standing in front of speakers is a sure way to get extra sound that you do not need. Proper speaker placement will help keep things a little quieter while you are doing your job. Set up your DJ equipment so that you have your speakers to the left and right of you, but slightly in front of you instead of directly parallel. If you have a larger band, place the speakers further to the sides to make room for each person playing an instrument. Direct the speakers inward toward the center of the room so sound is still projected into the crowd.

Invest In Good Headphones

Some people going to clubs or concerts will wear a pair of earplugs to help keep harmful sound waves from damaging their hearing. While this is a good idea for members in a band, if you are a disc jockey it is not feasible. You will need to invest in a high-quality pair of headphones instead. You still need to be able to hear the music you are playing, while muffling the sound you hear coming out of the speakers.

Look for headphones with a lot of cushioning to be placed over the ear. Test your new headphones with a few friends by asking them to tell you how the quality of the sound is while you tweak the volume. You want to be able to give good quality sound while hearing at at a lower level yourself. When you find the proper volume, note it on your mixing board so you can stay within range when playing with you headphones on.

Avoid Partying While Playing

Although it is very tempting to join in on the fun with the crowd listening to your music, it is best to hold off on alcoholic beverages. Drinking while working will distort the volume you are hearing so that you are not realizing that it can be damaging to your ears. You may get too into the music, turning up the volume higher and higher to make it feel more like a party atmosphere. While this can be a fun thing for the rest of the crowd, it can be damaging to their hearing as well. Try to keep your range as you do normally, instead of pumping up the volume because you are pumping in the drinks.

If you think you may be experiencing hearing problems, visit an audiologist in your area.