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Quick And Easy Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

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Begin With Balance

Picking the right cosmetics, like selecting the right glasses, is all about balance. A single set of frames can make the face appear more rounded or narrow, add or subtract weight from the jaw and temples, and even make the nose and eyes appear larger or smaller. Likewise, makeup can accomplish the same feats. When applied correctly, contouring can slenderize the face, while highlighting emphasizes and widens.  A bold lip draws attention to the mouth and showcases a plump pout, while natural colors deflect attention to other features. But for the wearer of glasses, the right cosmetics can pose a dilemma. Not only do you have to consider your individual features, but also the size, shape, material, and color of your glasses. With so many factors to take into account, how do you find balance?

Use a Similar Style

Consider the overall style of your glasses. Did you opt for slender, nondescript stainless steel frames, or did you go bold with crystal-embellished, black acetate cat eyes? A good rule of thumb is that it's easiest to draw and maintain visual interest with a single focal point. For wearers with dramatic glasses, that will be the glasses themselves. For those with simpler frame styles, it's much easier for makeup to take center stage if it doesn't have to compete with bright or elaborate frames. If in doubt, you can't go wrong with a natural, no-frills look. Casual or minimalist makeup, like neutral eyeshadow paired with a slick of nude lipstick or gloss, looks just as flattering with colorful or unusual frames as it does with those of the more subdued variety.

Likewise, unobtrusive frames (like rimless glasses) afford the wearer the most options when it comes to cosmetics. Without obvious frames, the wearer can select whatever cosmetics they wish without worrying that the combination of their glasses and makeup will seem garish or overdone.

Focus on Features

For wearers with more dramatic frames, on the other hand, the right makeup choices are trickier. Ask yourself which features you want to be the main focal point of the face. More elaborate or colorful frames immediately draw attention to the eyes. An equally colorful mouth in an eye-catching fuchsia or crimson can balance the weight of the frames, but also adds a second focal point to the face and lessens the dramatic impact of both. The gaze is drawn downward from the eyes to the mouth, but both features will compete for attention.

The bottom line is that makeup, like glasses, is changeable. While some styles and combinations (from vision centers like Buffalo Grove Eye Care Center) can enhance and flatter the appearance more than others, there is no single right way to wear the two together. Wear whatever makes you happiest and you can't go wrong. And remember: when all else fails, there are always contact lenses.