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The Camping Trip Mishap Guide To Knowing How To Use Orthodontist Wax

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Broken braces can create quite a number of problems as jagged edges could very well lacerate your lips. Damaged braces are troubling under any circumstances. Imagine what it would be like if they suffered major damage while you are out on a camping trip. As long as you both have access to orthodontics wax and know how to use it, a temporary fix exists.

Pack Extra Wax 

Applying the wax over the jagged, broken braces will keep the sharp points from cutting you. Since a lot of strange things can happen while camping, you do have to be sure you always have access to the wax. If a raccoon runs off with your backpack, there goes your wax. By the time you are able to return home, your inner mouth might end up being really ripped apart.

So, put some of that wax in your shirt pocket, your camping partner's backpack, and elsewhere. This way, if one source is eliminated, you have access to another.

Practice Applying the Wax without a Mirror

You might not have a handy mirror available when out in the woods. While home, cover a portion of your braces with a layer of wax without looking in a mirror. When done, go to the mirror and see if you missed any spots. 

Are your attempts to apply the wax without looking in a mirror acceptable? If not, try and try again.

Apply the Wax in Total Darkness

You may even wish to apply the wax in total darkness. Do so outdoors while you are at it. Some will suggest this is being a bit overly cautious. There is no such thing as being too cautious. What happens if you have a two-day hike back to your car and your inner mouth is so lacerated the injury requires stitches? By the time you eventually do get back to the car, you could suffer a great deal of blood loss.

Handling any task in the dark with the wind blowing and the temperature dropping is going to be tough. Practice makes things easier. If a bad situation occurs in the middle of the night out on a mountain, you'll be glad you invested ten minutes applying the wax in your backyard two nights prior. After all, there won't be any orthodontists around to help.

Get Used to the Wax

Wear the wax a little bit in the days before your departure so you get used to it. Grinding your teeth or rubbing the wax with your tongue could loosen it. Once loose, the wax will not deliver the necessary protection.

By investing a small amount of time getting used to the wax, you won't be in the habit of playing with it. As a result, the wax will stay in place.

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