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Banish The Bile: 3 Natural Cures For Stomach Ulcers

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The occasional bout of heartburn or acid reflux is one thing, but when it lasts for days – weeks – months, you may have a stomach ulcer on your hands. Officially called peptic ulcers, these nasty little buggers make it hard to eat your favorite foods, can cause indigestion, and disrupt your normal daily routine with bouts of stomach pain. But what if there was a way to cure your ulcer with common ingredients founds around your home? If you're looking for a few natural cures for your stomach ulcer, then here's what you need to know.


You've probably heard of probiotic treatments for GI tract disorders and the like, but did you know that you can find probiotics that help to cure your stomach ulcer sitting in the front of your fridge? Foods like milk, buttermilk, yoghurts, kimchi (a common Korean food, easily bought at your local Asian market), and miso (most often consumed in the form of miso soup) have natural probiotics within them that help to start stitching up the sore on your stomach while getting rid of the nasty bacteria that can make you more susceptible to ulcers in the future.


Sometimes, all you need to spur healing along is some increased blood flow to the damaged spot in question (in this case, your stomach). Cabbage is great for this; it's chock-full of lactic acid, which helps amino acid production, which in turn signals the body to send more blood to your stomach lining, where the ulcer resides. Additionally, cabbage has a chunk of Vitamin C (which is hard to get without resorting to acidic foods like oranges that only make the ulcer worse, it should be noted) in it, which adds its bacteria-fighting powers to the lactic acid to banish away the bacteria, making cabbage a two-for-one special when it comes to fighting ulcers.


Not just any pepper will do – what you need here is cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper, besides boosting the taste of soups and meat dishes, contains capsaicin, the compound that makes your tongue react when you bite into a hot pepper. Capsaicin can, more importantly, stop your stomach from secreting acid and will boost your production of mucus secretions, all of which help your ulcer to heal and not come back. If you don't know how to cook with cayenne, drinking a quarter teaspoon of it mixed into water will cure you by the end of a week, so long as you do it twice a day.

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