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3 Reasons To Visit A Therapist For Acupressure Anxiety Relief

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If you suffer from anxiety, you may find that acupressure is helpful in reducing your symptoms. Acupressure can help release tension in your muscles, which naturally tense when you experience feelings of anxiety. Additionally, it may increase your blood circulation, which can help keep you calm throughout the day. Acupressure uses simple pressure on specific points throughout the body to produce effective results. Unlike acupuncture, which uses needles to pierce the skin, many individuals feel comfortable performing basic acupressure on themselves. However, there are several reasons why you may want to visit a specialist instead. 

There Is Healing Power In Human Touch 

Physical touch is an important aspect of human health. It can affect many aspects of your health and emotional state, including your immune system, violence, stress levels, and overall success. An acupressure therapist can be a great source of safe, non-sexual human touch, which many people find lacking in their everyday lives. You may find that you leave your sessions relaxed not only because of the effectiveness of the acupressure treatment, but because of the increase in physical contact that you received. 

A Specialist Can Reach More Trigger Points 

When you experience stress or anxiety, many of the trigger points that tighten are located on your upper back and neck. For some people, these can be difficult to reach and release effectively. A professional can make sure that you are in a comfortable position and easily access these pressure points in order to give you a more thorough sense of relaxation and well-being. 

A Specialist Can Help You Learn Where Specific Trigger Points Are Located 

If you decide that you would like to practice some acupressure at home to relieve acute anxiety while you are experiencing it, it is important that you know where the most effective points for your particular anxiety are located and the correct way to release them. Most acupressure therapists will work with you to learn how to access points on your hands, wrists, and feet to relieve some of the stress and anxiety that you feel in between appointments. This hands-on education can make your self-application of acupressure more effective and also help prevent you from causing unnecessary harm to yourself while learning the acupressure points. 

While a home acupressure practice can be necessary and helpful for many people, it is important that you begin by getting treated by a professional acupressure therapist. For more information on the benefits of acupressure, contact a location such as Academy Spine & Physical Therapy.