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4 Ways To Treat Back Injuries Without Harsh Medication

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Even a minor back injury can be virtually debilitating, as the muscles of the back support the entire body when sitting, standing, and even when lying down. Pulling those muscles or injuring them in any way can cause pain that radiates up to the head and all the way down to the ankles. While this pain can be severe, many people prefer to try to treat this type of injury without harsh medication. Consider some natural ways to alleviate back pain and address back injuries.

1. Yoga and stretching

Any type of yoga routine or stretching will help alleviate back injuries and pain because stretching pulls the muscles so that more blood and oxygen can get to them. This in turn helps them to relax and to heal. Blood brings with it the vitamins and trace minerals that the body needs to repair itself and oxygen is also a healing agent. Both will help muscles that have been torn or pulled to heal properly and more quickly.

Stretching can also help other muscles in the body to become stronger so they can better support the back as it heals; in turn, you may be in less pain. The leg muscles and muscles of the upper back get stronger with yoga and stretching routines so they help support the body when the back is weak.

2. Therapeutic massage

Like stretching, massage helps the muscles to relax and encourages healthier blood flow. The heat of the physical contact and the manipulation of the muscles encourage more blood to reach the deep tissues of the muscles below the skin's surface. In turn, they will heal faster and you may feel more relaxed and in less pain with a therapeutic massage.

3. Pilates

Pilates refers to an exercise routine designed to strengthen the body's core, meaning the midsection around the stomach and back. This routine uses the body's own weight for resistance and it builds strong back muscles. If you practice Pilates regularly, the stomach and upper leg muscles will be stronger and more able to support the back, so it can heal more quickly.

4. Chiropractic services

An injury chiropractor will gently but firmly manipulate the spine and the muscles in the back so they can be in better alignment. In turn they can heal more quickly from an injury and not feel as much stress and pressure that results from poor posture. Therapeutic massage is often part of chiropractic services and this too will encourage stronger blood flow for faster healing and less pain.