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Using Wild Yams And Fenugreek To Augment Breasts Naturally

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While surgery is a sure and quick way to augment your breasts, there are also natural ways that you can enlarge your breasts without going under the knife. Herbal supplements work wonders for some women and over a period of months their breast size will dramatically increase. Most of the herbs used for breast enlargement contain phyto-estrogen. This is one of the main hormones used by the body to grow breasts naturally. Wild yams and fenugreek are two herbs that contain high levels of this hormone and have been shown to enlarge breasts with continued use.

Wild Yams

You can get the benefits of the phyto-estrogen in wild yams when you steep the herb in boiling water and make tea. Wild yams can also be found in powder form. When it is found in powder form, you can use it to massage your breasts. The phyto-estrogens will then be absorbed into the skin and into the breast tissues. Overtime, this will cause breasts to enlarge. Massages can be done at least two times per day.


You can go to your health food store and get fenugreek in capsule form. Take one capsule a day and then increase the dosage gradually. Fenugreek also comes in liquid form; if you choose to use it in this way, you should massage it into the breasts at least twice daily.

How To Perform A Breast Massage

If you decide to use wild yams in powder form or fenugreek in liquid form to naturally enhance your breast size, you will need to ensure that you massage your breasts in the correct manner. You should rub the powder or the liquid on each breast and massage in a circular motion. When you massage the breasts in a circular motion it increases the blood flow to the breasts tissues and results in greater absorption of the phyto-estrogens in the herb. Breast massages should be performed at least two times daily to gain maximum results.

Precautions To Bear In Mind

It will usually take weeks or months for you to notice any difference in your breast size. If after six months you do not see any noticeable difference in your breast size then you should discontinue using these herbs. Exposure to high level of estrogen with no results is a sign that your body is not lacking in phyto-estrogens and this is not the reason your breasts are smaller than you would like. Other factors such as genetics or diet may be the cause. Bear in mind that exposure to high levels of estrogen for longer than six months puts you at greater risk for developing breast cancer.

Using herbs is a great and often effective way to augment your breasts naturally. However, it does require you to be patient, since you will have to wait a while to see results. Thus, if you would like to see immediate results, then contact a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation, such as Dinu Mistry, MD.